Magic Dragon Model

Had to share our Magic Dragon model (cc Joan Elliot)

We finally finished the Magic Dragon by making him into a pillow with a 2 inch dark navy fabric and then added a swish of Pom Poms makes him look very swish!


Colour us in please!

Designing for me is not sitting thinking what shall I do next, as often I have no choice in the matter, some designs take a hammer on the inside of my brain and are relentless in thier pounding of my skull. In such circumstances sometimes you have no choice  but to stop and scribble out the parameters of the design on paper or thank him above for the invention of the smart phone and the memo note section. Design ideas hit when they want and not when you want them to, they can be in a sigular entity or as a whole bundle and at 3am it can be a bit disturbing!  I have had a few odd looks as i find it hard to concetrate on the real world or have a sensible word or conversation with people around me when in design mode, I become a little like someone possessed and even have the twitch to boot.

Once the scribbles are on paper and you can once again function like a human being the fun begins, now to decide how your babies are to be brought to life. Some never see light of day I have developed a pile of waiting to be finished and sit on the design board a little like a cartoon story board waiting for the pencils and paints to bring them to life.

Here is a little collection of critters scribbles that demanded that I drop my nearly finished sewing over the weekend and work on them. With the initial scribbles finished It is time to decide whether to make them into stitcheries or cross stitch designs. I am obssessed with Dragons and love to add a touch of humour in the making. Till next time 🙂

Bad Taste Bears

Some people often ask me about the design side of polstitches, how it started and how I plan what I am working on. Not everything I work on can be talked about in the public domain as some involves working with and respecting the copywrite of other artists. A great example of this is the Bad taste bears by Peter Underhill released through Heritage Crafts and can be viewed at

Heritage say Peter Underhill has recently given us permission to produce some of his ‘Bad Taste Bears’ in cross stitch. The ‘Bad Taste Bears’ are a collection of figurines, many of which are very rude! They have a huge following and are sold all over the world. We are delighted to be able to bring these designs to you in cross stitch – they have really brought a smile to our faces here at Heritage Crafts, and we hope you’ll enjoy them too!

Bad taste bears